Hello everyone! Welcome to BlinkFlow.com. In order to be engaged in our platform, there are some terms and policies you must bind with. So read them carefully and any actions can be done by Blinkflow to those whoever misuse the platform or doesn’t bind into rules.

For Sellers

If you own website and you want to sell links via our platform, here are some policies.

  • The info about the website you post should be accurate and will be updated if some misleading facts are provided.
  • While giving backlink, the page from which it is to be given should be the latest one and getting good number of traffic.
  • No more than 4 links should be given from a single page.
  • The anchor text for the backlink should be asked to the buyer and provided similarly.
  • We work on the 80/20 ratio of the selling price of each link.
  • Every link provided must be a do-follow link.

For Buyers

  • Buyer must be aware of the backlink bought, is from the latest article of the seller and getting good number of traffic and check other factors too.
  • Buyer must give anchor text to get a backlink and get better results.