Blinkflow is a platform connecting thousands of website for backlinks buying and selling purpose which results in the addition of revenue source for the seller website.

What is a backlink?

A backlink for a website is a link from some other website to that website.

Link is a reference, visitor can follow by clicking on it.

So link can be given from any page/article of a website to any website or resource.

 i.e. this is link

How does it work?

  • You register your website on our platform.
  • You get orders.
  • You fulfil the orders by giving backlink.
  • You get paid.

What are the benefits for you?

From an SEO’s point of view, it is better to give out 3-4 links from a page/article to any external website.

So unknowingly links are given to different sites and this is where Blinkflow comes in, we want you to give links to those who need it and will pay you in return.

So the benefits for the seller are: 

  • A new source of income
  • A clean feed for your readers (AD-FREE WEBSITE)
  • Your readers don’t love to get traced and surrounded by advertisements (Privacy first)
  • Increase in traffic: According to research,21% of total visitors stay for a long time on the website and tend to return again to the website if it is free of misleading and irrelevant ads
  • Ads on your site are distracting the visitor and make the site look untrustworthy, This will allow visitors to interact with the website without distractions or annoyances, causing them to stay longer and complete their on-going task.

So want to grow your traffic/reader’s experience & Revenue?

Welcome to BLINKFLOW the ads-free internet

So finally you will be earning more

Helping new websites to grow Helping others is never a bad idea

Replacing your ads with links so allowing your readers an ad-free environment.

And who will be your buyers? 

  In order to grow your website, backlinks are the must-have factor after content. So whoever wants to grow their website, they will need backlink and buy from you.

Benefits for Buyer 

  • The increase in website ranking
  • Increase in website traffic, eventually resulting in the growth of revenue too
  • Easy to target the right audience
  • Why we are alternative to google ads?
    • Google ads may show ads to irrelevant visitors and websites but we allow links to buy from the relevant website and people visiting the relevant website will love to visit your site too.
    • People don’t want to click google ads as they are irritating to people but people will love visiting relevant articles because the buyer can provide anchor text too.